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WeMosD1Mini esp8266 Sleep modem light deep wake 1

WeMos D1 mini (esp8266), the three type of sleep mode to manage energy savings – Part 4

When you create a new IoT project probably you need to connect microcontroller to a battary power source, but if you don’t use a power saving options your battery will run out in no time.
As a lot of IoT microcontroller, WeMos D1 mini have some power saving mode.
The types are modem sleep, light sleep and deep sleep.


PCF8575 i2c 16 bit digital I/O expander

Library to use i2c pcf8575 IC with arduino and esp8266.

This IC can control (until 16) digital devices like button or led with 2 only pins.

Can read and write digital value with only 2 wire (perfect for ESP-01).

I try to simplify the use of this IC, with a minimal set of operation.