Improved Z Axis for Cyclone PCB Factory

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I’d like to renew my CNC for PCB, I select a project called Cyclone PCB Factory to start.

But I think there are some issue on the mechanic, so I start to fix they, one of the more important fix is Z Axis for Cyclone to prevent movement when drill the PCB.

I use standard Cyclone system for connection, movement and bearing, but the structure is renewed.

Stepper is a standard Nema17 form factor. I design an holder for 50mm splindle and an holder for a dremel (big).

I advise to print gears with PETG.

3D model

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  • 1x155mm Threaded rod
  • 2x147mm Smoth rod
  • 2x608ZZ bearing
  • 2xM8 nut
  • 2xM8 blocked nut
  • 1xSpring
  • 2xM8 Washer
  • 4xLM8UU
  • 12xM3 screw 12mm
  • 8xM3 screw da 26mm
  • 3xM3 screw without head
  • 23xM3 nut
Linear bearing LM8UU

You can buy here

Bearing 608zz

You can buy here


X carriage printing process
Z carriage printing process
Z holder printing process


Z Axis assembled photo

The Threaded rod have in sequence (from the bottom)
1 bearing B608ZZ already inserted in the structure
1 M8 blocked nut (Bleu)
1 M8 Nut
1 Spring (as other in cyclone PCB)
1 washer
1 M8 Nut
1 M8 blocked nut (Bleu)
1 bearing B608ZZ (inserted in the threaded rod)

Assembly instruction

  • First insert bottom bearing then in the threaded rod instert all other quite near.
  • Insert the threaded rod in the top (with the other bearing inserted in the rod to the top)
  • the insert the rod in the bottom bearing (with the blocked nut about 4 mm inserted)
  • Then insert the gear in the top and stop the top blocked nut with a pair of thin pliers then rotate the gears to permit the blocked nut to go near the top bearing.

Here a video with all step of assembly.



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