T-track for Cyclone PCB Factory

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I’d like to renew my CNC for PCB, I select a project called Cyclone PCB Factory to start.

But I think there are some issue on the mechanic, and I need more features to use It with simplicity, so I start to fix, one of the most important features is T-track to hold PCB (and if needed simplify the double side milling).

I use standard Cyclone base but I put over T-track.

Cyclone PCB Factory TTrack schema

3D Model

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Printed parts

I create 2 version of the base one as unique piece (but with lengt of 215cm) and one divided in 2 piece for smaller 3D printer bed.

Slider M3 for T-track
Slider M3 for T-track

T-track at work



I use M3 screw for all and I had 4 Adjusting Nut For Hot Bed.

Adjusting Nut

You can buy here

And in addition with the slider you obtain this T-track screw to fix holder.

TTrack M3 screw slider

The slider enter inside the track and you can move It up and down.


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